Thermowell with threaded connection (mod. PTF)

The thermowell is an important component of any temperature measurement point. It is used to separate the process from the surrounding area, thus protecting the environment and operating staff and keeping the aggressive fluids, high pressures and the processing speed away from the process and the same temperature sensor.



It is made of a tube of stainless steel AISI 316 and TIG welded.
It is mounted to the stem of the Bimetallic or Digital Thermometer by a fixing screw.



  • Material: Stainless steel AISI 316
  • Connection: male threaded 1/2" or female
  • Diameter: 12 mm
  • Lengths: variable (suitable for various standard depths of immersion)
  • Connection to the thermometer: Bimetallic Thermometer, Digital Thermometer with smooth connection (no thread)
  • Max temperature: 500°C


Application areas:

Wide range of applications in the field of the construction of tanks, pipes, equipment, mechanical engineering and industrial heating.