PT100 temperature probe (mod. PT100)

The PT 100 temperature probe is the most robust form of RST sensor. It is a platinum resistance thermometer with nominal resistance defined according to IEC 751 (EN 60751) equal to 100 Ω at a temperature of 0 ° C.

A probe consists of a PT 100 element mounted inside a metal tube (AISI 316 stainless steel sheath), which protects the element from the environment. The connection head is used to connect the thermosensors and extension cables.




Sensor: platinum resistance thermometer type Pt 100 class B-DIN

Connection head: DIN in aluminum with epoxy paint

Field of use: -200 + 400 ° C

Electrical connections: on 3-wire terminal block and 1/2 "cable gland connection

Ceramic base: 3 terminals with twisted teflon wires

Shank: Ø 9 in AISI 316

Shank length: standard 100mm; 200mm (other sizes on request)

Electrical inlet: 1/2 "gas

Accuracy: 1%

Degree of protection: IP 65