Pressure gauges
Aphrometer for crown cap and bootles
Flow meters & counters
Electromagnetic flowmeter
Pressure gauge SAS24 for homogenizer

Measure instrumentation for industry

Since its inception in 1969, SABA has been a steady presence in the measure-instrumentation’ market with its steel-made products: pressure gauges, pressure gauges with diaphragm, flow meters, level indicators and thermometers. SABA utilizes the best technological methods to make its instruments, these methods are constantly updated with the latest evolutions available. An evidence of this high standard production comes from the ever expanding portfolio of Italian and foreign clients.

The sectors that make use of our products are: the food (milk, wine, fruit juices), chemical, pharmaceutical, paper and petroleum industries. The sector in which SABA is really focused is the food industry, where the quality and utilization of the equipment must answer severe technical and hygienic norms. The high quality of our products and the respect of contractual terms are our business philosophy. We are dedicated in making sure that our clients are constantly satisfied.

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SABA will be present at the Cibus Tec Fair, one of the most innovative events dedicated to food and beverage technology. CIBUS TEC to be held in Parma - from 24 to 27 October 2023

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