Calibration and final check

Calibration and final check service

Product quality, operational safety and business cost effectiveness relate directly to an accurate and reliable measurement of your process variables. Therefore, you can entrust the calibration of your measuring instruments to a competent partner. Our experienced, factory trained sales team are able to advise on the appropriate levels of service for your instruments.

Our compliant calibration ensures the safety of your processes and products to prevent harm to users, consumers and the environment. A smooth and safe-running plant is a top priority and compliant calibration is an integral part of its operation. Our broad range of instrument calibration services offers the best unique on-site experience.

Over years of activity SABA has developed and achieved a remarkable level of technology on its industrial plants, recognized by the most important national and international inspection authorities, therefore it is a valuable partner for companies that require testing, calibration and check of flow meters.

It offers to its customers a global service for calibration, functional test, maintenance and repairing of ASA-branded flowmeters, providing customized solutions that meet every customer specific needs.

The main controls and non-destructive tests offered by SABA are:

  • Calibration with certified metrological traceability, performed by internal labs
  • Hydrostatic pressure tests
  • Functional tests
  • Penetrant dye-liquid test

Other tests and checks can be executed on specific customer requests.

SABA performs calibrations and settings of instruments according to internal procedures fully compliant and certifies its products using instrumentation with metrological traceability and traceable accuracy (NMI and ACCREDIA standards).

The service of calibration, test and specific checks is focused on customers who need to have a certification either for equipments manufactured and/or sold by SABA or for equipments produced by third parties (in this case together with the goods, the shipment of the relevant user’s manual is required).

The experience and competence acquired over years of activity grants calibration services which are fast, reliable and targeted to the real needs of customer, at very competitive prices.

For any clarification or question please do not hesitate to contact us directly, so we can advise on the most suitable solution to your needs.


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