FLOW METER SA 91 TE (mod. Sa 91TE)

* The electonic flowmeter saba has a six fi gure seven red segmented display which is also visible from a distance and which displays the capacity of the product instantly, the quantity of the totalized product and the percentage quantity.
* There are also two red leds: the one at the top which when lit indicates the functionality of the flowmeter (Litres/hour), the one at the bottom which when lit indicates the totalizator functionality (litre or hectolitre outflow).
* It is possible to set all the functions by means of two buttons.
* 4-20 mA microcontroller and remote communication technology.
* Zeroing of the local totalizator and clean exit contacts of the start and stop flow or of the alarm.

The instrument gives:
  1. An instant reading of the capacity of the product in litres per hour.
  2. A reading of the total product flow in litres or hectolitres at a certain moment.
  3. The setting of a threshold in litres or hectolitres of the product to be measured.
  4. The reckoning of the partial calculation of the product which has flowed.
  5. The flowmeter fitted with two clean contacts and exit with a 4-20 mA.


Description of the functions: Display with seven segments and six digits where, F=flow(litres/hour), L=volume (in litres or hectolitres), t= Total of partial calculations.
SELECT button (on the left): activates the change of the function / visualization. SET-RESET button (on the right): selects the operation or the change of the values. Power suplay: 24 Vcc.Out-put: 4-20 mA.


Construction materials:
  • Contact parts: AISI 316
  • Indicatore case:AISI 304
  • Degree of tightness: IP 55
  • Connection second order food industry: DIN - SMS - CLAMP - GAS -Flangiati PN 10-  PN 16 - UNI 2223
  • Five years garantee for fl oat et meter’s body.


General specification:

Measuring range: 1-10
Accuracy: 1% f.sc.
Max operating temperature: Fluid temperature from to 10 +300°C


Electronic specifi cation:
  • Power suplay: 24 Vcc ±5%.
  • Out-Put:
  • 4-20 mA.
  • impulse
  • RS485
  • Indicator with 6 fi gure 7 red segmente display.
  • Protection to inversion of polarity.



Case IP55: Ø 150 mm
Range lt/h:
DN 25 - 100/1000
DN 25 - 200/2000
DN 40 - 200/2000
DN 40 - 300/3000
DN 40 - 500/5000
DN 50 - 800/8000
DN 50 - 2000/16000
DN 65 - 2500/25000
DN 80 - 5000/50000
Connection: DN-SMS-CLAMP
Precision: 1% f.s.
Same specification SA 91 but with connection flange.