FLOW METER SA 91/F (mod. Sa 91/F)

This series of instruments has been designed for the measurement of the flow or fluids.

The measurable flow rates range from fraction of m³/h to 50 m³, with a precision up to 1% of the full scale’ value. The sensitivity of the instruments is high, too: it is possible to measure a flow equivalent to 1/10 of the nominal value.

These instruments can be used on fluids bearing a great variety of chemical and physical characteristics. They don’t need a particular maintenance. Internal cleaning is not so difficult, because the surfaces coming into contact with the fluid are smooth.

The cinematisms are located in a water-proof part of the instrument aside from the fluids, since the transmission of the signal from the sensible element to the cinematisms is made by means of an magnetic field. Thus our instruments are particularly suitable when strict sanitary measures must be observed.


  • Case IP55: Ø 150 mm
  • Range lt/h:
    DN 25 - 100/1000
    DN 25 - 200/2000
    DN 40 - 200/2000
    DN 40 - 300/3000
    DN 40 - 500/5000
    DN 50 - 800/8000
    DN 50 - 2000/16000
    DN 65 - 2500/25000
    DN 80 - 5000/50000
  • Connection: DN-SMS-CLAMP
  • Precision: 1% f.s.
    Same specification SA 91 but with connection flange.