Thermometers have been designed for temperature measurement.

Thermometers are constructed with a sensing element with nitrogen or bimetallic expansion. Sensitive bulbs are normally protected with a removable tube in the most suitable material.

The sectors of greatest use are the food industry (wine / milk / oil / juice storage tanks, industrial beer / milk plants), pharmaceutical and chemical industries.



Measurement range: -30 + 50, -10 + 50, 0-60., 0-100, -10 + 110.0-120 0-160.0-200.0-250 ° C

Dial: white with black writing; negative values ​​in red Ø 80 - 100 -150 mm.

Index: in black aluminum

Case and ring: Ø 80-100-150 mm, ring with bayonet closure with stainless steel AISI 304 sealing gasket

Bulb diameter: Ø 8 mm

Bulb length: on request

Sensitive thermometric element: cylindrical bimetallic spiral

Limit: do not exceed 75% of the full scale value and / or the extreme value of the scale for temperatures below 0 ° C.

Overtemperature: 30% of the full scale value

Adjustment device: external adjustment screw (behind the case)

Mounting: radial / rear / swivel

Process connection: smooth or with sliding fitting or complete with removable 1/2 "GAS or sanitary DIN 11851 DN 25-40-50, CLAMP 1 1/2" 2 ", SMS, IDF.

Amplifier movement: in stainless steel

Degree of protection: IP 65 (Atex), IP 55 (not Atex)

Accuracy: 1% of full scale value (according to EN 13190)