Sanitary Pressure Gauge with electronic Contact (mod. SA 40/C.E.)

The traditional Bourdon spring gauges are not suitable for pressure’ measurement in the food industry. In fact the alimentary fluids could obstruct the sensitive element (Bourdon spring) while entering and deposit themselves on the inside, with subsequent hygienic problems due to the bacterial contamination.

To avoid the above-mentioned problems the gauge must be supplied with a diaphragm seal made of an appropriately shaped diaphragm made of AISI 316 stainless steel. As the gauge and the diaphragm are connected in a whole body, their assembly and disassembly causes no problems. The diaphragm seal has a threaded connector according to the DN-SMS-IDF-CLAMP standards.

It’s fitting to underline that all the SABA pressure gauges with diaphragm seals are damped, so that they can work correctly even in presence of strong pulsations.

The electrical contacts can be preset on the whole scale  by means of an adjustment knob placed on the front part of the gauge, in the centre of the glass. They have a small adjustable magnet which prevents the sparkling of the electric arc and the resulting wear of the silver contact points. The operation is very simple: when the pressure changes the gauge hand moves dragging an auxiliary arm that operates the on-off electrical contact at the preset value.


Range: 2,5 - 4 - 6 - 10 - 16 - 20 - 25 - 40 - 60  bar.
White dial with black scale: Ø dial 100 - 150 mm/hand with micrometric zero-setting device.
Sensitive element: AISI 316 diaphragm seal laser welded.
Connection: DIN - SMS – CLAMP standards, either on the back or radial. Stainless steel amplifying clock-work.
Case: Ø 100 - 150 stainless steel case with plexiglas window, sealed with double U basket.
Shock absorber: is standard and built-in.
Accuracy: 1% of maximum scale value.
Degree of protection: IP 55.



Type: magnetic pressure increase.
Set point adjusting: (setting values); from external, by knob.
Contact material: Silver-Nickel alloy (Ag 80–Ni 20).
Current: 1A max.
Switching capacity: 30 W/50 VA max.
Ambient temperature limits: -20/+140°C.
Difference between switch pointand set point due to attraction force of magnet (adjustable): 2-6%.
Added indicator error: 0,5-2% u.s.v.
Supply voltage: 24 V max.