Sanitary Pressure Gauge for homogenizer (mod. SAS 24)

SABA manufacture these diaphragm seal gauges with different types of connectors:

  1. smooth stem with diaphragm seal Ø 23,8 mm AISI 316
  2. with rectangular plate
  3. female nut 1” ¼ gas and diaphragm seal Ø 23,8 AISI 316
  4. smooth stem with diaphragm seal Ø 26 mm AISI 316



Case: Ø 130 or 150 mm in stainless steel.
White dial with double scale: black for bar and red for PSI.
Measure range: 0-400 bar or 5000 PSI.
Standard vibration shock absorber.
Degree of protection: IP 55.