LEVEL INDICATOR (with electric contacts) (mod. MCE)

This instrument is used to measure the hydrostatic pressure that the product exerts on the membrane.

MEASUREMENT SYSTEM: the SABA level meter uses the SCHAEFFER technology: there is a membrane that is large and is specially shaped and subsequently welded in TIG to the separator, in order to obtain the maximum sensitivity and repeatability of the measurement. 

With this system the classic bourdon spring is not used and there is no oil inside the bourdon-separator spring unit which can give errors deriving from the increase in oil volume caused by temperature variation.

It is possible to measure dense products with suspended particles (musts, lees, concentrated fruit juices, wine and other food products) since the separation membrane guarantees perfect sanitization of the instrument.



Constructed entirely in AISI 316 stainless steel.

Range: 0-6, 0-8.0-10, 0-12, 0-16 MT It is advisable to select the appropriate scale range for the tank height

Example: 8 mt high tank choose 0-10 mt full scale, not 0-16 mt as there will be a smaller scale width and less precision

Dial: Ø 100 - 150 - 200 mm

Case: Ø 100, 150, 200 mm in stainless steel

Sensitive element: Reinforced SCHAFFER type membrane in stainless steel

Movement: in stainless steel

Connections: diaphragm RADIAL with threaded union DN 50 DN 65 only for the Ø 100, 150 mm versions.

AXIAL only for model Ø 150-200 mm dia. With female threaded union DN 50 DN 65. Tissue-welded AISI 316 membrane.

Accuracy: 1% full scale



It is advisable to apply this tool about 300 mm from the bottom of the tank.



The instrument is equipped with 1 or 2 electrical contacts:

a contact of min

a contact of max

a contact of min. and one of max. adjustable over the entire scale


In detail: