Diaphragm seal SMS/IDF (mod. SMS-F)

Diaphragm seals SMS/IDF with threaded connection are particularly suited for use in the food industry. The process connection enables a hygienic integration into the process. The diaphragm seal systems can withstand the cleaning vapour temperatures occurring in the SIP processes and thus ensure a sterile connection between the medium to be measured and the diaphragm seal.

Assembly of the diaphragm seal and measuring instrument is made via a direct assembly as standard or optionally via a cooling element or a flexible capillary.

Measuring systems with diaphragm seals SMS/IDF are used for pressure measurement in various process steps, e.g. filtration, separation, pasteurisers and filling systems.



  • Working pressure: from 0...1 bar to 0...60 bar
  • Process temperature: from -10 to 100° C
  • Accuracy: 1%
  • Instrument connection: 1/2" or 1/4" gas
  • Diaphragm: laser welded and electropolishing
  • Filling liquid: mineral oil (FDA approved) for food industry
  • Process connection: AISI 316 as per SMS/IDF
  • Assembly: directly to the instrument