Suitable tool for measuring the pressure and therefore the CO2 content existing in champagne bottles with cork.

The aphrometer with a needle cap for a mushroom-shaped cap quickly and accurately measures the pressure inside a corked bottle filled with liquid beforehand. The measurement is made possible with a suitably shaped and drilled stainless steel needle.

Before inserting the aphrometer in the cap, it is necessary to use a pre-drill specially designed and manufactured by SABA to facilitate the insertion of the needle into the cork-like mushroom cork.

The needle, manually inserted through the bottle closure cap, has the function of transferring the pressure or vacuum values ​​to the stainless steel pressure gauge needle. The 63 mm diameter gauge in the optimal position allows an easy reading of the values. The aphrometer is also complete with an adjustment tap.



Pressure gauge case: 63 mm all stainless steel

Scale: -1 + 5, 0-6, 0-10 bar

Dial: white with black writing: Ø 63

Housing: Ø 63 in stainless steel with Plexiglas glass with double U-seal.

Index: in steel with zero-setting micrometric device. Bourbon spring sensitive element only in stainless steel with Tig welding.

Pressure gauge connection: in AISI 316, threaded 1/4 "gas.

Amplifier movement: in stainless steel.

Case: stainless steel with safety glass and gasket.

Accuracy: 1% of the full scale value.

Degree of protection: IP 65.

Aphrometer needle: in stainless steel, shaped and drilled

Faucet: for adjusting the outlet pressure

Accessories: aphrometer carrying case