Post sales services


The value of a company which provides plant and machineries can't be evaluated by the production capacities only, in fact the guarantees of technical reliability and speed in reacting to the unexpected assume a fundamental relevance. For this reason SABA has invested heavily in its after-sales service and offers its customers a proven system for identifying students through the details and codes by which may suddenly respond to every request.

SABA offers to its own customers the service of system start-up, repairing and replacement for already installed equipments.This allows the customer to solve quickly and efficiently all issues of system start-up, installation and maintenance that may arise on equipments already present in field.

For any clarification or question please do not hesitate to contact us directly, we can advise on the most suitable solution to your needs.



We can carry out repairs on-site, at our own facilities or through our network of authorized, certified workshops. All our service technicians are highly trained, experienced in a wide range of equipment, and work with efficiency, precision and absolute accountability to the highest possible standards. They use special diagnostic equipment to identify faults quickly and accurately and original spare parts to maintain the quality of your equipment. In some instances we can supply replacement units to keep your production running while repairs are carried out off site (available for selected products).


SABA s.a.s. - Post-Sale Office


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